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The reason to live healthier & longer is to do what you are passionate for, to see the ones you love, to travel where you dream of.

Our team has developed CYCO which helps users maintain a systematic way of medication dosage. It offers a data-driven and all-in-one solution by providing pill boxes which are paired with mobile applications. The solution comprises pre-scheduled medication plans, reminding alerts, remote monitoring function for caregivers and comprehensive dose-taking records to oversee the users’ habits for detailed analysis.

In the near future, we will release the next-generation smart pillbox, Pillgo, which integrates an OCR function for pill information input, analysis integrated with biomarkers, allergy and drug-drug interaction alerts. Data generated from Pillgo and the accompanying apps unlock unique insights for healthcare practitioners, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies.

CYCO and Pillgo assist you to achieve your goals in life as a health companion. We help you keep a balanced healthy lifestyle within the daily hustle. A companion that you can depend on to live better and healthier.

Smart Pillboxes
CYCO & Pillgo
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