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A Smart Pillbox which makes your medication go smarter.

Key Product Features:

Intelligent Reminder
User can receive reminder from mobile notification, plus alert and flashing visual signal from the device when it’s the scheduled time for user to take dose.

Over Dose and Wrong Dose Alert
Alert and flashing from the device when the user has overdosed or wrongly dosed.

Quantifiable Performance Index
Quantify the numbers of taken, missed, late and early-taken medication to give a clear view of the medication performance for users and caregivers.

Health Record
Record user’s progress over time to meet health goal.

Remote Monitoring
Receive notification directly through mobile app to see if the user stays on track.

Medical Tips
Share information for disease prevention and health improvement.

Intelligent Setup
Weekly Dose Schedule will automatically be generated on the Pillgo App with simple information input to ensure correct dosage per medication. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system is developed for accurate and automatic pill identification, so as to provide more convenience to our users.

Dual Sensor System
Pillgo can ensure the lid turns and opens to the correct compartment as well as pills are poured out.


Biomarker Tracker Connection
An API connection with different biomarker trackers will be built to facilitate health status monitoring at once, such as heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. Users can understand more how their health condition is being affected by their medication.

Allergy and Drug-drug Interaction Alerts
Our mobile application will be connected to well-established drug databases and inform users of potential side effects and drug-drug interactions to lower the risk of taking the wrong medicine.


7-slot Exchangeable Compartments
Add-on accessory to allow flexibility in fitting user’s medication pattern.

You can get to know more about Pillgo at

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